Birthday Messages

Cute Birthday Messages
  1. Expect you love your new time. It loves you because it looks fine on you. Happy Birthday

  2. You’re not being paid older, you’re receiving better.


  3. Today is a ideal day to tell you that I love you and I expect that all your thoughts come factual. Enjoy this individual day!

  4. I have naught to give as a gift but I assure to always keep in mind your birthday.

  5. Wishing u a date flexible as silk…..
    White like milk…..
    Sweet as darling nd full of money.
    might every ur dreams come true….

  6. Happy seem ahead, happy to look after,
    And tally each birthday with a thankful mind.

  7. You & I are meant to be together; I love you & wish the globe for you.

  8. On your Birthday you are now one year bigger,
    Smarter & closer to me
    Blissful Birthday to my sweetest friend

  9. Passed year is like a gift
    Give thousand of memories.
    Instead of counting birthdays
    Count the blessing of God.
    So have fun, cut the cake &
    Enjoy party with associates.
    Happy birthday many more

  10. Ladies & gentlemen, gratitude so very much for your birthday wishes Above all, I thank the enormous God for taking me this far from very far.


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